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The Sit & Stand desk® originated in Sweden in the 1970s at the request of 24-hour switchboard operators who complained of back pain and fatigue during long shifts of seated work.

Adjustable desks have since become standard in Swedish workplaces. Employees in offices that adopt this versatile tool develop a rhythm of sitting down and standing up as they work. Sitting is a sign to others that you’re involved in creative work or absorbed in details. Standing sends the signal that you’re open to communicate and exchange ideas with colleagues.

Besides being a way of showing others you’re free to collaborate, moving naturally between sitting and standing is key to reducing stress and fatigue.

Cutting-edge foreign firms and leading academics in Japan have recently come to appreciate the value of this “standing work” style.Office infrastructure that facilitates movement is now ubiquitous in Northern European nations with advanced IT development such as Sweden and Finland.The Sit & Stand desk is an essential element for any company that wants to realise its true potential.Scandinavian Modern is proud to be the exclusive Japanese vendor since 2002 of the Sit & Stand® desk, a superior Edsbyn product.


「NEAT」をデザインした建築家Thomas Eriksson (トーマス エリクソン) モダンなワークステーションの新シリーズです。「NEAT®Sit & Standデスク」はシンプルなラインが美しい、エアリーなデザインに仕上がっています。対面二人が一組となった新タイプの上下昇降デスク。デスクスクリーンを固定し、天板の昇降に関係なくスクリーンの高さが統一された、常に美しいオフィス環境を実現しています。


Sit & Stand... and sit...
and stand...

Sit & Stand®デスクは、「スタンディングデスク」と呼ばれることもありますが、立っても使える、ということではありません。あなたが疲れたと感じたとき「姿勢を変えられる」「ポジションを変えられる」ということが重要なのです。つまり、常に身体にやさしい働き方ができるデスクということ。パソコン入力から資料などのチェック、手書き作業まで、日々行うさまざまな活動に合わせて高さを「微調整」することが可能なのです。


The standard
in Swedish offices

今日、高さ調整可能なデスクはスウェーデンのオフィスで圧倒的多数を占め、新規オフィス全体の75%が完備しています。そしてその多くを、スウェーデン第2位のオフィスファニチャーメーカーであるEdsbyn(イエッツビン)社が提供しています。スカンジナビアンモダン2002年から、日本におけるEdsbyn(イエッツビン)社製Sit & Stand®デスクの輸入総代理店となっています。

L type Sit&Stand® desk


Anatomy of a Sit & Stand® desk

スカンジナビアンモダンが提供するSit & Stand®デスクは、W1200〜2400mmの天板に対応できる。伸縮自在なフレーム仕様。天板のサイズを変える必要があるときでも、新たにフレームを購入する必要がありません。長く使える、エコなデスクでもあるのです。

Meeting table W2400〜W5000
Even in the meeting table the top and bottom can be up and down between 700 mm and 1000 mm. As well as sitting, you can also have a meeting in a standing posture and change the environment efficiently. Please inquire about size.

Sit&Stand®ZeTA desk
Relative load 175 kg
When loading many PC monitors etc.
? Desk with more emphasis on stability

Single leg type W600〜
Size just right for children or desk side
It is a type with casters, so convenient to move
(The picture is 2 caster type, 4 caster type is also available)

Why is the Sit & Stand® desk so popular in Scandinavian countries?


The Sit & Stand desk was originally developed as a medical aid for workers who experienced lower back pain from constant sitting. Its height is easily tailored to any individual’s ideal seated or standing position using a simple electric control. In terms of ergonomics, its benefits have been well understood for decades. Desks of this type have become an essential part of workstations in Swedish offices.

IT companies in Japan are gradually waking up to the difference the Sit & Stand desk can make. For those who are new to this revolution in office infrastructure, here are a few of the reasons for its popularity in Northern Europe:

 icon-chevron-circle-right Ergonomics 

An adjustable desk gives you the freedom to move and change your posture and position as you work. Studies have shown that holding any static position for too long is detrimental both physically and mentally. Regular adjustments are the answer, whether large, such as sitting to standing, or small, such as changing the sitting height of your desk and chair.The acts of standing up, sitting down and shifting your balance all help to circulate lymph fluid, especially in the lumbar region of the back, and aid the flow of oxygenated blood to the brain. The effect is a feeling of refreshment, heightened concentration, and increased productivity.

 icon-chevron-circle-right Productivity

In Sweden, people are understood to be the core of any company. As employees who experience stress, pain or discomfort from their work environment are entitled to leave, fostering optimal conditions is an important part of retaining top-level talent.
The introduction of the Sit & Stand desk represents an investment in people. It makes for a dynamic workplace with motivated, productive employees, and helps to attract talent by signaling to potential recruits that their health and skills are valued.
For example, the employees at Ericsson, a leading Swedish communications firm, were often involved in a variety of projects in different locations within the company on a daily basis. People had to adjust to many different kinds of desks and chairs designed for different body types.
To solve the problem, Sit & Stand desks were introduced universally, enabling workers to immediately customize any workspace to suit their own unique physical characteristics.

Similar solutions have stimulated innovation in many other companies worldwide.

 icon-chevron-circle-right Functionality

The Sit & Stand desk’s adjustable height is its chief feature, the hallmark of 40 years of innovation. It is raised or lowered at about 30-40cm/second with the touch of a single button. The Sit & Stand desk is also known for its superior stability and durability, and retains its clean good looks even after years of regular use. Other features and specs include:

  • Excellent design and top quality components ensure a long life for the raising and lowering mechanism.
  • The frame is treated with special paint that won’t chip or peel, keeping a fresh look.
  • The frame is engineered to be sturdy and can handle a load of up to 100Kg (including the surface panel).
  • The motor lifts the desk smoothly and quietly at a predictable pace, making it fast and easy to find the perfect position.
  • All Sit & Stand desks bear the “White Swan seal“, an indication of product design aimed at minimizing negative effects on the environment.
  • Sit & Stand desks have CE / EMC quality certifications and conform to coveted Swedish “TCO standards“.
  • Arrives all but assembled, making installation simple and fast.
  • Frame weight – 3x 36Kg (for L-shape top), about 55Kg for straight shape.
  • Low standby power consumption of 0.5W

The Sit & Stand desk as essential office infrastructure.



The Sit & Stand desk has become a staple of the healthy workplace. It’s now clear that long periods of sedentary, seated work hinders productivity, stifles creativity and compromises the health of the employees.

Here are a few of the effects you can expect after investing in people through the Sit & Stand desk:



1. Stimulates productivity

When people spend time with the Sit & Stand desk, they learn which stages of work are best suited to what position. Standing is a great way to start and end the day and a perfect time to do information triage. It provides a project overview and a chance to plan your workflow.

Once the first step is clear, it’s time to adjust the focus and zoom-in on the task at hand. Sitting down helps to get work done and dedicate energy to details.

The body’s natural rhythms will help you to know when to switch. Back pain, creative blocks and drowsiness are all signs that it may be time to adjust. The physical and mental benefits are clear, and the result is heightened productivity.

2. Cultivates communication

In an open-concept office, body position can act as a kind of non-verbal communication. Sitting down is shorthand for concentration, a sign that you are centered on a task. Standing signals to coworkers that you’re available to meet and exchange ideas. Offices that adopt this natural system develop healthy lines of communication and consequently become more efficient.


3. Puts people first

A positive cycle is created: A company that invests in Sit & Stand desks invests in its people, who become healthier and happier. When employees feel valued, they become more loyal, work hard and are less likely to leave the company.

Because Sit & Stand desks are the sign of a company that puts its people first, they are also a way of attracting top-notch talent, which is the key to a bright future for any firm.



Read comments from companies that invested in Sit & Stand desks


A very good investment.

Vera Novy
International Supply Manager

Everyone who worked with CAD-CAM and did paperwork was getting strained backs. We recommend that they change their work posture regularly over the course of the day. Although no specific tests have been done, our physiotherapist can see a clear improvement in the overall health of our employees.

We decided to concentrate on caring for our workforce as an investment in our business. Within Sweden we have 8500 employees, 5500 of whom work at a desk. Of them, 90% now use Sit & Stand desks. As a result, our people are less tired and do more effective work during the day. It has really affected our efficiency.


Employees absences due to illness and injury are costly.

Christer Häggmark
Facility Manager
SIDA – Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency

Before, we had problems with backaches. When we moved to a new location in September 2006, we decided to furnish it with Sit & Stand desks. Now, 30% of our employees work standing, 30% sitting all the time, and the rest naturally change between standing and sitting throughout the day. There is every indication that more and more of our employees are using the Sit & Stand function, and that they are quite satisfied.


The flexibility to adjust makes for better ergonomics and health.

Björn Weiland
Responsible for interior and equipment
The Swedish Parliament

Today we have 400 Sit & Stand desks. It’s only a matter of time before all of our employees have them, a total of about 1200 people.

It’s too early to tell if absences due to poor physical health have decreased. However, we can see that people are generally feeling better now that they are able to adjust their work postures freely. It is certainly a very good investment.

There are several reasons why we chose Sit & Stand desks. First, they help you to sit the right way. A couple of centimeters make a big difference for the back. Second, it’s clear that people doing sedentary work get problems with their backs regardless, and these desks helped to alleviate that. Third, the desks do not have to be moved around when people move from one place to another in the office. They are one-size-fits-all.


Work efficiency has been increased and overtime has been reduced.

Iréne Bröms
Interior Purchaser
Naturvårdsverket – The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency

We recently moved into a new office. In the old office, 10% of the employees had Sit & Stand desks. Today all 490 of our employees have Sit & Stand desks. Our custodial staff no longer has to do the extra work of lowering and raising the height of the desks to fit each individual.





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